Naruto: How strong is Uncle Snake's black technology?


1. Orochimaru's Obsession: Orochimaru is known for his scientific research and his obsession with achieving immortality.

2. Cloning and Modification: Orochimaru has made significant advancements in cloning individuals and modifying his own body beyond human capabilities.

3. Robotic Creations: Orochimaru's expertise extends to robotics, as he has invented his equipment and even created a robotic version of Naruto Uzumaki.

4. Powerful Weapons: Orochimaru's creations include powerful mechanical weapons made of special metals, possessing artificial intelligence, and causing chaos in Konoha.

5. Orochimaru's Potential: His mastery of both biological and mechanical sciences makes Orochimaru a formidable presence.


He has the potential to save the world with his inventions, specifically a robotic Naruto. 

Orochimaru's scientific technology is characterized by his cloning and modification abilities, robotic creations, and powerful weaponry. His potential to protect the village and potentially save the world with a robotic Naruto is worth considering.