Mother of slain man left in garbage bag on NYC sidewalk is also found dead as cops ID relative as murder suspect: sources


Late Wednesday afternoon, the body of a man was found in a trash bag on a Queens, NY, street. The victim was later identified as 31-year-old Kyle Danielson, and his brother, 40-year-old Roscoe Danielson, was arrested in connection with the murder.

Roscoe is also suspected of killing their mother, Sheryl Myrick. Her body was found early Thursday morning inside the family home.

Roscoe was arrested and charged with murder and related charges, including concealing a human corpse, tampering with evidence, criminal possession of a weapon, and acting in a manner injurious to a child.

Andre Myrick, Sheryl's brother and Kyle's uncle, told reporters, "I heard he chopped him up, my nephew, and put him in a bag and put him up there.


I don't get it. I'm trying to like figure out why."

Michelle, who lives near where the body was found, recalled police knocking on her door to see her surveillance tape after the crime. When she went outside with the cops to see what was there, she said, "Of course, I was shocked."

"It was wrapped in thick sheets, bloody thick sheets, and then a very hard bag," she said. "The body was curling inwards…he was on his side curling up.  It was camouflaged with a black bag, but when they opened the bag they saw the thick white sheets, with like some blue patterns. The blood was dry. His puncture wounds, you could see on his legs and on his back.


They were also dry. I assumed they weren't fresh."

Michelle said the first body might have gotten people's attention because of the smell.

Another local resident told The Post, through a translator, that he knew something wasn't right when he saw blood in the garbage bag as he passed by on Wednesday.

"I was going to the 99 Cents store," Javier Membrero said. "When I was coming back, I saw blood in the garbage bag. I touched it with my [foot]. And I let somebody else know. When I touched it with my [foot], I was like, 'That's not garbage. That feels like a body.' I called 911." The case remains under investigation.