2 Fort Moore soldiers arrested on explosives, steroids charges


ATLANTA — Two soldiers based at Fort Moore, Ga., were arrested on weapons and drug charges this week after local law enforcement officials in nearby Columbus accused them of possessing dozens of explosive devices and anabolic steroids worth more than $3,000.

Staff Sgts. Christopher Reese and Lue Lor were arrested Tuesday by police during an investigation into the explosive devices, according to the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office. Reese and Lor, both 30, are active-duty soldiers permanently assigned to Fort Moore, formerly known as Fort Benning, officials at the installation said Thursday.

“The Maneuver Center of Excellence and Fort Moore is aware of the incident, which remains under investigation,” a Fort Moore spokesperson said in a brief statement.


Agents with the Army Criminal Investigations Division were helping in that probe, officials said.

Muscogee County Sheriff Greg Countryman said law enforcement seized some 33 explosive devices, 20 rifles, seven handguns and an inert mortar shell during the investigation into the soldiers. Deputies also found anabolic steroids in Lor’s possession that they said were worth about $3,100.

Photos of the weapons seized in the bust appear to show more than 30 small explosive devices, with 28 of them appearing to be Army grenade simulators. Such devices are used in training to simulate the explosive sounds of a grenade with a smaller, less dangerous explosion, according to Army documents.


The sheriff’s office said the grenade simulators were still dangerous and should not have been in the soldiers’ possession.

Reese faces 33 felony charges for possession of explosive devices, according to court and jail records. Lor faces two felony charges for possession of explosive devices and one count for possession of anabolic steroids with intent to distribute.

The soldiers made initial court appearances on Wednesday, court records show. Jail records indicated they remained in custody Thursday.