So Sweet! A Surprise Homecoming Gift For Dad!

This video is an elaborate surprise that this active-duty soldier put together for his Vietnam veteran dad. He and his helper here put a bit of time into this elaborate ruse to surprise his dad, but it seems to have worked quite well.

There is obviously a warm and close relationship between this father and son. Indeed, listening to the father's responses and comments, and then seeing what he does upon seeing his son in person, reveal the depth of love and respect they both have for one another.

One by one, gifts supposedly sent by the son keep getting lifted out of this box. Each one is significant and means something to the father. We can understand the father's consternation and rising concern when the items become more and more personally connected to his son. He keeps asking, "Is he ok?" Well, we are privy to how "ok" the son is, as we can see him and his reactions.

When the son finally comes out of the box and begins to bend down to his wheelchair-bound father to hug him, the old guy puts his hands up to prevent that and says, "No!" We soon understand why. He wants to greet his son standing up! When he finally is standing precariously in front of his son, the son gives him a hand salute, and then they fall into each other's arms.

All of the military homecoming videos we have seen over the years evoke the same reality for us. It is the reality of what military service means to the soldier and to the families who have endured the long days, weeks, and months of concern and worry for their Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Coast Guardsman, or Marine. It represents the overwhelming emotions of love, relief, and joy. It is the "happy ending" following months of prayer for the safe return to the family circle; it is the power of reunion, the coming together and making the family whole again. It is the recognition of the costs that are paid by our military members and their families.

As a nation, we are thankful for the service given to the nation by these young men and women and their families. We honor their service and sacrifices. To all who have served, and to their families, we say, "Welcome Home."

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