Cops Sense Something’s Not Right After They Pull Over Traffic Violator And Rescue 4 Kidnapped Kids


These Detroit cops were, thankfully, at the right time and place. They rescued four kidnapped siblings after they pulled over a traffic violator who ran the red light.

Officers Parrish and Flannel saw a van run over the red light. They signaled the woman driver to pull over and noticed something different about her passengers.

This led them to probe and ask the violator, "Are these your children? To which she said yes, and the children at the same time were shaking their head no," Detroit Police Chief James White narrated.

She said that they were on the way to their school. The officers inquired further and asked her what school are they attending.


They said, "she could not give a good answer."

The cops then asked the kids to come out of the van. They talked to them individually and found out that their suspicions were right all along. The woman was arrested and the kids were returned to their parents.

"I just thank everyone involved that my children are back home safe," said Shayla Burleigh, the mom of the kidnapped siblings.

The woman was charged with kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment and is in jail held on a $5M bond.

Detroit Police Chief James White commended and recognized Officers Parrish and Flannel's great work in a press conference a few weeks back.


The kidnapping took place when the four siblings (aged 5-11) were walking on the way to school. A woman in a van pulled up beside them asked the kids to get in. The older kids refused to do so, but unfortunately, the youngest hopped in. The others were left with no choice but to follow suit since the woman refused to let the little one out. They all jumped in to protect their youngest sibling.

"She preyed on my youngest one. The oldest one didn't want to leave his youngest brother," Shayla explained. "He did what he had to do."

Thank you to these cops' good judgment and training, they were able to return the kids to their parents. On the other hand, these siblings' love for one another is admirable, for they never let any among them suffer alone.