When it comes to interesting entertainment, nothing is stirring up the LGBTQ community quite like the second season of Hulu's . This  has struck a major cord with gay youth, thanks to the main character, Gabe, and his strikingly authentic storyline.

Twitter was abuzz on Friday with gushing with this young teen's experience of being gay, and trying to navigate that huge identity issue, while still working through all the other 'normal' teen experiences. Things like fitting in, peer pressure, sex, and numerous other awkward topics for teens take on a whole new meaning through Gabe's peculiar, if all-too-familiar, perspective.


Actor Dylan Gage, who plays Gabe, is an up and-coming-actor who has done previous work on (2018), Bobcat Goldwaithe's ( 2018) and (2019). He is also set to be cast along with Courteney Cox in Starz's new horror comedy pilot, .

Gabe's character is  in nearly every review, and fans on Twitter and the internet in general are giving rave reviews for the characters' genuine storyline, but that's not the only reason people love it.. The show is also being highly praised for showcasing the realness of high school in general, with all its awkward coming-of-age moments.

As the LGBTQ community continues to garner support and recognition through multiple media outlets and sources, stories like Gabe's will continue to thrive and acceptance will become a thing of the past as gay, lesbian and transgender youth continue to become more accepted in general. This is probably the first of many original, poignant, authentic LGBTQ teen series to come in the near future.