This Underrated Star Actually Carried The Vampire Diaries on Her Shoulders


The Vampire Diaries featured a great cast, but no one was better than this star.

It's time we started appreciating Nina Dobrev's acting on The CW's hit show – at least, that's what the internet seems to think nowadays.

Many people have a love-hate relationship with The Vampire Diaries and Nina Dobrev in particular, but fans have now started a Ninaissance, and that's that. Rise up in support?

Apart from playing Elena Gilbert, the main character and Damon's love interest in the first six seasons, the actress famously portrayed the beloved villain Katherine Pierce and Silas' one true love Amara, the one responsible for all the doppelgangers.


These three characters are so different that you can in fact forget that they are all brought to life by one actress. Viewers do not care for Elena (many actually consider her constant whining and can't-choose-between-two-gorgeous-guys schtick pretty annoying), but there's no The Vampire Diaries fan who doesn't absolutely love Katherine.

You can say what you want about this vampire drama, but Dobrev is insanely good. Remember the scene where she played three different characters at once, and you could still easily tell which one was which (and not just by the clothing)?

While Amara may have been a rare occurrence in the series, both Katherine and Elena were two fully developed characters, each with their own backstory and motivations.


They could not be more different!

Dobrev has given to each of them a specific way to walk, talk, and look at people, and it's crazy that this doesn't get talked about more often. Also, we are not saying that The Vampire Diaries isn't worth watching without Dobrev as part of the cast, but the final two seasons are not it, and you know it. A Nina-less show is a boring show, to be honest.

Nina Dobrev is a talented actress, and she really should be in way more movies and shows!