Things The Cast Of 'The Vampire Diaries' Said About The Show


10Nina Dobrev Revealed She Wasn't The Biggest Fan Of Co-Star Paul Wesley

In an interview on the Directionally Challenged podcast, Nina Dobrev actually admitted how she felt about co-star Paul Wesley in the beginning. Nina and Paul portrayed the on-again, off-again lovers Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore on the show. Here's what Nina said:

"Paul and I didn't get along at the beginning of the show. I respected Paul Wesley, I didn't like Paul Wesley. We really just didn't get along the first maybe five months of shooting."

9Ian Somerhalder Doesn't Think The Show Should Come Back


In an interview on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM radio show, Ian Somerhalder admitted that he doesn't think it would be a good idea to give The Vampire Diaries an additional ninth season. Here's what Ian said:

"I have not heard anything about a season nine...I mean, like, what would happen? Stefan and Damon...Damon has, like, grey hair, and...they have canes?"

8Paul Wesley Revealed He Loved When His Character Went Bad

In an interview with Today, Paul Wesley actually admitted that he absolutely loved when his character Stefan became "the ripper" — and that playing him at that stage was one of his favorite memories.


Here's what Paul revealed:

"I was always the good guy. And so I was a little bit envious, frankly. So when my character took a turn and became the bad guy, the ripper, that for me was, you know, I was super excited to do something different."

7Candice King Says Her Most Difficult Scene Involved A Horse

In an interview with TV Guide, Candice King revealed what her scariest scene to shoot was. Here's what the actress said:

"I've had some bad experiences with horses on set. In real life I love horses, I will go ride, I have no issues, but for some reason on a set, I've just had bad experiences.


The very popular Klaroline scene of Klaus and Caroline with the horse... So we're standing outside next to this horse, and the horse actually tries to bite me... I guess the trainer was like, 'Yeah, he gets a little nervous around bright lights.' We're at a night shoot! So literally every take it would be me backing up farther. They'd be like, 'We'll just go again, just back up farther,' and he'd try to nip me again! So the scene ended up being me just standing very far away from the horse like looking at it."

6Kat Graham Admitted That The Team Would Listen To Any Issues She Would Bring Up


In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress who portrayed Bonnie on the show revealed that she always felt heard. Here's what the star said:

"I've had a lot of support in terms of awareness in terms of support of writers, producers, directors, and I've been able to communicate any sort of racism or marginalization or tokenism I might have experienced whether on that show or on other projects that I've dealt with. It's not a new experience, but I did have to educate myself and figure out what can I do to help elevate this for other women who might come after me."

5Zach Roerig Realized How Important Matt Was For The Show


In an interview with Zap2It, Zach Roerig who portrayed Matt on the show revealed that for a while he couldn't understand what Matt's purpose on the show was. However, eventually, he found the answer and he shared it in the interview:

"I finally feel like I know what Matt's purpose is. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but remaining the only pure human being in Mystic Falls is important. I'm at a place where I really understand where he fits in with everything. The amount of work has been consistent with what I've had before, but I've had some really nice moments and I value that."


4Steven R. McQueen Revealed What His Last Day On Set Looked Like

Steven R. McQueen revealed in an interview with MTV that his last day on set was pretty special. Here's what the actor — who is a huge fan of superheroes — revealed:

"The final day on set was pretty incredible. The last scene I shot – I can't really say what happens, but there was a foot on my face... they shot this scene about ten times, before I was like, '[director] Chris [Grismer], what's going on buddy?'... And they tilt the cameras up, and the entire cast and entire crew comes running out in these superhero costumes with a big cake, they shove the cake in my face, and they kept the cameras rolling while they did this.


.. I got all choked up, and it was a beautiful moment. I went from having a foot on my face to saying goodbye to all of my close friends. It was beautiful."

3Michael Trevino Was Suprised Tyler Even Made It That Far

Michael Trevino — who was a main cast member for the first six seasons of The Vampire Diaries — revealed to People magazine that he didn't think his character would make it so far. Here's what Michael said:

"To be honest, I'm surprised I didn't run out of storyline earlier. Having Klaus come in and make Tyler the first hybrid kept me on the show and kept things interesting, along with the lovely relationship with Caroline that Tyler had.


They really found a way to stretch out his storyline and so that fact we've made it to six seasons I'll be forever grateful for that. I had a good run."

2Matthew Davis Opened Up About Alaric And Elena's Relationship

Matthew Davis revealed in an interview for TV Guide that he thinks his character Alaric and Nina Dobrev's character Elena should be more than just friends. Of course, those who have seen all eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries surely know whether this happened or not. Either way, here's what Matthew said:

"There's a lot of sexual tension between Alaric and Elena; you can't deny it.


I'm surprised he hasn't snuck into her bed already."

1And Lastly, Joseph Morgan Revealed What Inspired 'The Originals'

In an interview with Collider, Joseph Morgan revealed that it was only one scene in The Vampire Diaries that actually inspired its spin-off The Originals. Here's what Joseph said:

"We did The Originals ball in Season 3, and there's a photo of all of The Original siblings, standing on this big, lavish staircase. Julie [Plec] sent that to Peter Roth saying, 'The Originals,' and three hours later, he said, 'We need to do this.' That's where it started. Though, originally, it was going to be set in Chicago."