Hulu Releases Pen15 Animated Special Trailer

The first trailer for Hulu's animated special has been released online. The starring Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine follows the misadventures of two teenage girl best friends (played by both Konkle and Erskine) as they navigate the ups and downs of middle school life with brutal honesty and shocking hilarity. The show has released two seasons thus far, with season two ending on a mid-season cliffhanger.

The concept of is to show what middle school was really like with show creators Konkle and Erskine playing their 13-year-old selves against actual 13-year-old actors. Hulu renewed the show for a 14-episode second season, but thus far only seven of those episodes have debuted as the Covid-19 pandemic stalled progress on finishing up. The second half of on September 18th exclusively on Hulu.

However, the wait for season two to continue has now gotten a little shorter, as has released the first trailer for the animated special, which takes place directly after the events of the mid-season finale. Both Anna and Maya take a trip to Florida with Anna's dad, dealing with the usual awkward insecurities and situations they commonly find themselves in. The special episode, entitled "Jacuzzi" will be available on Hulu starting August 27th, 2021. Check out the trailer below:

Both Konkle and Erskine have made the rounds in a variety of projects in Hollywood. Konkle has done work on and the film , while Erskine has done voice work for Hulu's and . Erskine also scored an undisclosed . Both actors have a history with animation, so a animated special seems well within their wheelhouse and if it's successful, it could lead to more special episodes for future seasons.

While the Emmys have given notice to the show with nominations for both Outstanding Comedy and for Comedy Writing for Maya Erskine, continues to fly under the radar, which is a shame as it's one of the most brilliantly executed comedies on streaming. Both Konkle and Erskine deliver not only the laughs, but an emotional weight to the material that takes it beyond the adults-playing-teens gimmick of the show. Hopefully the animated special will help draw in more viewers to this hidden gem, while elevating the journey of Anna and Maya to new hilarious and heartfelt heights.

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