Pen15 Ending After 2 Seasons on Hulu

Hulu's Emmy-nominated comedy series Pen15 is officially coming to an end after season 2. Created by Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, the show finds the two playing 13-year-old versions of themselves as they navigate middle school in the early 2000s surrounded by actual teenagers. After premiering on the streaming service in 2019, Pen15 quickly became a breakout hit, earning critical praise for its relatable portrayal of the middle school experience, along with its humor and cringey charm. In addition to Erskine and Konkle, the series' main cast includes Mutsuko Erskine, Taylor Nichols, Melora Walters, and Taj Cross.

Following a successful debut, Pen15 had been renewed by Hulu for a 14-episode season 2, though the Covid-19 pandemic impacted its filming process, resulting in half of the episodes getting a September 18, 2020 release date. As the case with many productions, a level of uncertainty led to a delay for the eventual release of the remaining seven episodes. In dealing with limitations, Pen15 season 2 also included an animated special that sees the girls embark on a trip to Florida with Anna's father, which broke up the hiatus, premiering in August of this year.

THR recently reported the decision behind the show's unexpected conclusion, noting that Erskine and Konkle had been working on it for close to a decade and were ready for a break. However, the report also states that Hulu wants more content from the pair and is willing to leave the door open for other projects, Pen15 season 3 or otherwise, should they consider any in the near future.

While the ending of Pen15 might come as a shock to many, fans can still expect to see its stars in outside projects. Erskine has joined the Obi-Wan Kenobi show on Disney+ and Anna Konkle recently had a role in the critically acclaimed film Together Together. What's more, Pen15 is ending its series coming off of another successful start to season 2, having earned its second Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, and receiving additional recognition with its first nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series.

It is certainly surprising to see Pen15 come to an end, especially after the long awaited return of its season 2, but fans can be reassured knowing it was on its stars' terms. The series has provided viewers with content that is at once hilarious and emotionally resonant. Erskine and Konkle have found success with their unique approach to the coming-of-age genre, and gained a loyal fanbase along the way. Fans can still look forward to the latest episodes when Pen15 returns to wrap up the second half of season 2 in December.

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