Naruto: Onde as Bestas com Cauda viveram pela primeira vez?


1. Shukaku: The Shukaku, or one-tailed beast, resides in the Wind Country's desert. It survives without food and can manipulate sand for attacks.

2. Matatabi: The Matatabi, or two-tailed beast, lives in a peaceful bamboo forest. It has a better living environment compared to the Shukaku.

3. Isobu: The Isobu, or three-tailed beast, inhabits a lake in the Water Country. It spends most of its life underwater, and its living conditions are decent.

4. Son Goku: The Son Goku, or four-tailed beast, initially lives in a rocky area but later moves to a forest. This environment, with trees and water, is much better for Son Goku.


5. Kokuō: The Kokuō, or five-tailed beast, resides in a forest in the Earth Country. Its living conditions are superior to Son Goku's, which may have influenced its unique character.

6. Saiken: The Saiken, or six-tailed beast, lives in a damp and dark cave, which suits its slug-like appearance. However, excessive humidity affects its eyesight.

7. Chōmei: The Chōmei, or seven-tailed beast, lives in a humid forest outside the Five Great Nations. Its habitat is likely near Tanzaku village.

8. Gyūki: The Gyūki, or eight-tailed beast, resides in the Lightning Country. Its habitat, with mountains, water, forests, and the sea, is ideal for a giant octopus.

9. Kurama: The Kurama, or nine-tailed beast, lives in the same area as the Hidden Leaf Village. Its living conditions are among the most comfortable and advantageous. The distribution of tailed beasts by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki may suggest bias.