Naruto: Five ways to invalidate ninjutsu


1. Amaterasu: The Sealing Technique known as Amaterasu allows ninjas with the Rinnegan to absorb any type of ninjutsu, regardless of its elemental nature. This powerful ability has nullified even the Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken and Naruto's Rasenshuriken in Sage Mode.

2. Shinra Tensei: Also known as Almighty Push, Shinra Tensei repels all objects, ninjutsu, and physical attacks centered around the user. The force and size of the repelled objects determine the amount of chakra consumed and the cooldown time. The most powerful Shinra Tensei, Almighty Push, can instantly destroy the Hidden Leaf Village.


3. Gudodama: This special ninjutsu technique, acquired in Six Paths Sage Mode, creates black spheres containing high-density chakra of all seven elemental natures around the user. Gudodama nullifies any ninjutsu attack and is a highly destructive offensive technique.

4. Flame Fan: Passed down through the Uchiha clan, the Flame Fan can absorb and reflect an opponent's ninjutsu attack. It was used by Uchiha Madara during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

5. Yata Mirror: Held by Uchiha Itachi after unlocking the Susanoo, the Yata Mirror can reflect all ninjutsu and physical attacks. It is one of the Three Sacred Treasures in Japanese mythology and can nullify ninjutsu attacks by adjusting their attributes.