Hero Cop Risks Her Life, Uses Her Body To Protect Fellow Officer From Gunfire


A police officer shielded her injured partner with her body while being fired upon by a gunman. Her decision to save her partner by putting herself in harms way is being praised.

Detroit Police Officer, Amanda Hudgens and her partner, Loren Courts responded to a shots-fired call and as they arrived at the scene, the gunman fired upon them. Courts was unfortunately hit by a bullet on his neck.

With no regard for her own life or safety, Hudgens quickly turned her body over her partners in an effort to shield him from any other bullets that the gunman could fire at them.

The police officers were shot at by a 19-year-old shooter, Ehmani Davis who had planned the ambush so that he could get himself killed by the police.


The harrowing incident took place on 6th July, in which Officer Courts unfortunately died.

Describing the moments when her partner was shot, Hudgens said, "I just turned my body, knowing the gunman could fire again. I knew my vest would at least cover, protect his major organs."

Officer Hudgens pressed her hand over the wound, in the hopes of stopping the bleeding. She could feel Courts breathing in her hands as she tries to hold the pressure down. However, despite her best efforts, officer Courts passed away in her arms. The gunman was later shot and killed by two other officers, putting an end to the mayhem.


Officer Hudgens has been praised for her bravery and split-second decision to intentionally shield her partner from further shooting. They had a close relationship from their academy days and were like brothers and sisters and at the same time, best friends to each other.

While she is being praised for her actions and called a hero by the Detroit Police Chief, James White. Hudgens feels, it is improper and that she is not necessarily a hero. Although the brutal incident has left her to struggle with nightmares and needing therapy, she has no plans of leaving law enforcement. As a corporal, she now teaches at the academy and sometimes go on patrol

As she processed the entire incident, she said , "I did everything I could for Loren, in my power to save Loren. But the only person that could bring Loren back is God."