Naruto: The 5 strongest psychic beasts


NO.1 Splitting Dog: The splitting dog summoned by Pain is a rare and formidable summoning beast in the anime. It splits into more dogs as it is fought, making it difficult to defeat. It was defeated by Jiraiya's toad's digestive system. If Itachi's Amaterasu is used on the splitting dog, will it burn to death?

NO.2 Outer Path Golem: The outer path golem is a rare summoning beast with strong vitality. Itachi connected himself to the golem to extend his life. It easily defeated the Yamabuki Fish Half-Zato and Danzo's coalition army when Nagato summoned it.

NO.3 Slug: Tsunade's slug is a rare healing-type summoning beast.


It can heal from a distance and share its vision with the summoner. The slug's power is only partially available to Tsunade and Sakura. The slug Sannin can instantly defeat Naruto.

NO.4 Monkey Master: Monkey Master is a cheat-like summoning beast that can stand against the First and Second Hokage. It has an invincible body and can transform into a golden cudgel. Monkey Master can also perform ninjutsu.

NO.5 Minato Namikaze: Minato learned the Flying Thunder God Technique, an S-rank space-time ninjutsu. He left the mark of the technique on his wife, turning her into a "summoning beast" for him.