Naruto: When the protagonists all transform into Orochimaru


1. Kakashi Hatake, known as the Yellow Flash of Konoha, lacks the Sharingan but is skilled in the Flying Thunder God technique and Rasengan. Adding Orochimaru's eyes does not transform him but adds a touch of coolness.

2. The Animal Path of the Six Paths of Pain, with her big eyes, appears cute. When her Rinnegan is replaced with Orochimaru's dark eyes, she retains her cuteness but becomes intimidating. Orochimaru's influence is present in her.

3. Konan, a member of the Akatsuki organization, has a good appearance and uses powerful paper-style techniques. Acquiring Orochimaru's eyes adds a lively and adorable charm to her mysterious smile.


4. Hinata, a descendant of the Hyuga clan, possesses the Byakugan. She is gentle and elegant with a shy smile, but the Orochimaru transformation removes her innocence and gives off a sinister vibe.

5. Kabuto undergoes the Orochimaru transformation voluntarily by transplanting Orochimaru's remains into his body. He gains the Sage Mode through training in the Ryuchi Cave, and his eyes become Orochimaru's eyes, suggesting Orochimaru may have acquired the Sage Mode.