Naruto: The father and son with the biggest power gap


Minato Namikaze - The Perfect Father: Minato, also known as the Fourth Hokage, sacrifices his life for his son Naruto and constantly plans for his son's future.

Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha - Devoted Fathers: Despite their busy schedules, Naruto and Sasuke both protect their children and their words resonate with fans, earning Sasuke the title of "Protective Father of Konoha."

Nagato Uzumaki (Pain) - The Unexpected Strong Father: Nagato, despite his weak physical strength, raises a powerful son who becomes a god-like figure in the ninja world.

Nagato's Power: Nagato's strength and the repercussions of his extreme actions are highlighted, as he almost destroys the Hidden Leaf Village.


Minato's mistake and Nagato's redemption: Nagato realizes his mistake with Naruto's intervention and uses a powerful jutsu to bring back the dead, sacrificing himself and leaving behind his Rinnegan.

The significance of Ise's death: Ise's death plays a role in Nagato's growth, as without his sacrifice, Nagato may have been killed in battle.