Johnny Depp's Alleged Romance With 'Wednesday' Star, Who is 40 Years Younger Than Him Are Hard to Believe After Humiliating Amber Heard Relationship - FandomWire

Johnny Depp’s love life has been a clutter of controversies over the last few years, following his tumultuous separation from Amber Heard. And while the actor has been mostly out of the media spotlight, rumors emerged claiming that the Star was allegedly dating Star Jenna Ortega.

Reasonably, the rumor sparked a huge drama and eventually escalated after media outlets started implying that the duo were romantically inclined toward each other. This eventually resulted in Ortega coming forward to make a statement, clarifying the situation.

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Following Johnny Depp and ‘s connection to the director Tim Burton, and reported sightings together, initially sparking dating rumors, only to be skyrocketed by media outlets. While some were in disbelief, following the 40-year age gap between the two, many online users came forward to accuse media outlets of spreading false rumors, as the rumors did not weight them. Eventually, the Star stepped forward to brush off these rumors, clarifying that the whole situation had blown out of proportion, urging outlets to stop spreading lies.

Ortega’s clarification about the situation came as no surprise to fans, as following Depp’s history with Amber Heard, it was hard for fans to not question the legitimacy of these dating rumors.

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While it initially seemed that would be reuniting with Tim Burton in , starring Jenna Ortega, it seems highly unlikely after the statements from Depp’s lawyer. Like the Star, clarification arrived from Johnny Depp’s side via his lawyer, who debunked these baseless dating claims, and also explained Depp is not involved in any project with Jenna Ortega. The statement read,

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Even though fans are adamant about witnessing Depp reunite with Tim Burton, as the duo hasn’t collaborated together in over a decade, for now, fans can do nothing but keep their fingers crossed.


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