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Robin Williams is easily one of the most legendary actors and comedians in Hollywood. Despite his untimely death, his legacy is one that is continuing to go on. As a beloved actor, there was always someone who could sing his praises. Whether it is his fans or celebrities who got to know him along the way, there is no shortage of praise for him.

Much like any other actor, Williams also got some roles that came and went. There were some he wanted, and others that he rejected. One such role went to none other than Johnny Depp ultimately. With such massive talent, any role that made its way to the actor would have been a masterpiece. Ironically enough, it was not a movie.

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has some of the most iconic roles in Hollywood. From Jack Sparrow to Geralt Grindlewald, there are various roles that he has done that can perhaps never be replaced. One role in particular almost became ‘. was one movie that shows Johnny Depp in perhaps the most fun way possible. Willy Wonka has been embraced by the actor as Depp has been embraced by his character. However, the role almost went to Williams instead.

Timothee Chalamet will soon be taking over the role as the first trailer for has been released as well. Williams was one of Tim Burton’s top choices to hire as Willy Wonka and he was rather eager to do the same as well. Burton was not someone who was hesitant to explore just who would be fitting to play the iconic character and to rule out the actor would have been a wrong idea. Williams was not the only one considered for the role though.

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once revealed that for 2005’s he was almost considered for the same role Robin Williams and Johnny Depp also had their eyes on. He was in fact the second choice for the role.

Much like Williams, he too was left out of the movie. However, seeing just how amazing of a performance Depp provided the audience with, no one was complaining. Although he was sad to have never gotten the part, Johnson was overjoyed to be considered for the role since he was only a beginner in the industry at that time.

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