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The franchise made star Johnny Depp a household name and eventually became the most celebrated and recognized role of his career. The series has been successful at the box office with fans enjoying the swashbuckling adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow and his quirky and funny antics around other people. But in general, all seem to agree that the quality of the films seemed to decrease as the series kept going.

The fifth film’s box office performance proved to be a diminishing return from the previous three films. There have been rumors of a sixth film, but there is no official confirmation from Depp or Disney. A recent update by one of the stars of the film may provide a clue as to where the studio wants to take the franchise moving forward.

Fans have been clamoring for ‘s return to the beloved franchise with a film that is entertaining and one that reinvigorates the glory with which the first film handled the narrative. One of the supporting players in the first film, actor Vince Lozano who played Jacoby in (2003) expressed his views regarding Johnny Depp as a person and an actor. In an interview with Movieweb, he praised Depp for his kind and caring nature. He said,

Regarding Depp’s possible future in the franchise, he said,

Taking note of the legal troubles and the recent public court proceedings involving Depp, Disney might not want to associate with the actor or handle the baggage that the actor will carry with him forever concerning the case.

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There is no official confirmation of a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film from Disney. For now, fans can only speculate about the future of the franchise and the direction it will go. The studio might also want to explore the possibility of rebooting the franchise with a fresh set of eyes and an all-new cast.

There are unlimited possibilities with this franchise and at the right time, the studio might officially announce their approach for the franchise’s future.

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Fans want to see Johnny Depp return in a potential sixth film of the franchise. His future in the franchise is currently uncertain as the producers and makers are still figuring out the franchise’s future. He recently expressed his interest in returning to work with Disney with the right project to magazine.

For now, fans can only hope that the makers and Depp find the right script and circumstances that they mutually agree on and eventually announce a sixth film with Depp in the lead.

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