"All you need is a really funny director": Johnny Depp's Close Friend Pitches Wild Idea With Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt After Asking Actor To Reunite With Amber Heard - FandomWire

Search the entire history of cinema, and you won’t find an actor, performer, and star like Johnny Depp. Known best for his peculiar yet memorable characters, Depp has for years made cinema better, richer, and enjoyable with his unique acting prowess. However, his massive career has now been reduced to his very public lawsuit with ex-wide Amber Heard.

Despite the overbearing nature of the lawsuit on the personal and professional life of Depp, his close friends remain by his side. One of his closest friends and bandmate, Alice Cooper opened up about the effects of the lawsuit on their band and their relationship and even joked about getting the ‘exes’ back together.

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and have been friends for years and ever since they formed their band, Hollywood Vampires in 2012, their friendship has only grown. Their recent Hollywood Vampires Tour was Depp’s one of the first public appearances in the midst of the domestic abuse allegations. So, when Cooper was asked if there was any hesitancy to bring Depp on the tour, the rockstar stated,

Well, Cooper isn’t in the wrong since even the fans had the same sentiment that the defamation case was amplified beyond reason.

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Johnny Depp’s defamation case with ex-wife received way too much attention and had severe negative implications for his career. He was fired from his iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow and lost out on multiple other opportunities. Despite the sensitive nature of the case, Cooper went ahead to joke,

The legendary rockstar joked, stating that even the infamous former couple and should come on board. Even though his wild idea is an impossible feat, if it were to happen it would be quite a spectacle to witness.


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