Nick Saban Is All Jokes After Baby Crashes Press Conference


offered up a rare smile during a press conference Wednesday.

The moment of levity occurred thanks to Aaron Suttles, an Alabama beat writer for . Suttles joined the conference via Zoom because he was on dad duty—as evidenced by the adorable baby boy in his arms.

When he asked Saban a question about Crimson Tide linebacker Henry To'oTo'o, the smiling coach replied with a question of his own.

"Well, I have a question for you, first of all," Saban said. "Did I finally get to meet the boss?"

Suttles apologized for appearing on the call with his young son, but Saban clearly appreciated the change of pace.


"This is best behavior I've seen you on since I've been here," he remarked.

Suttles apologized once more, which earned a rebuff from the legendary coach.

"You don't have to apologize," Saban replied. "If this is the way it's going to be, I'd like for him to be there all the time."

A of the sweet interaction has since gone viral on social media.

"Well, this is a moment for which little man will one day laugh at me," Suttles wrote on . "Thanks to Coach Nick Saban for showing me some graciousness as I was forced to pull dad duty during his press conference tonight."

Saban, who has two children of his own, has been the head football coach at the University of Alabama since 2007.

Alabama takes on Tennessee tomorrow at 5pm EST.