Naruto: Five people who can use sage mode


1. Jiraiya's Journey . Jiraiya, a legendary ninja from Konoha, ended up in Mount Myoboku and learned sage jutsu and telepathic jutsu from the third Hokage.

2. Naruto's Sage Mode . Naruto, after Jiraiya's death, learned sage jutsu in Mount Myoboku. He overcame the difficulties caused by the Nine-Tails within him by using shadow clones to gather natural energy. 

3. Kabuto's Imperfect Sage Mode. Kabuto, originally Orochimaru's assistant, learned Sage Mode in Ryuchi Cave. However, his sage jutsu is imperfect, and he developed snake-like features. He later researched other techniques like Edo Tensei.



4. Minato's Unexpected Sage Mode. Minato, the Fourth Hokage, activated Sage Mode during the Reanimation Jutsu. His Sage Mode was likely learned from Jiraiya at Mount Myoboku. However, he didn't extensively use it in combat due to the time it took to gather natural energy. 

5. Hashirama's Ultimate Sage Mode. Hashirama, known as the God of Shinobi, has the most perfect and powerful Sage Mode. He can instantly enter it by clasping his hands together. Combining it with his Wood Release, he becomes even more formidable in battle. Hashirama could match Madara's power, indicating their destined rivalry.