Naruto: Akatsuki spent all his hard-earned money on this


The Three Children Encounter: Amid the chaos, the legendary Three Ninjas of Konohagakure come across three vulnerable children named Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan. Orochimaru suggests killing them, but Jiraiya steps in, seeking redemption for his past sins. He provides them with food and trains them in survival skills, combat, and ninjutsu. 

The Birth of Akatsuki: This is where the idea of Akatsuki originates. The trio believed that their efforts could change their village's fate, but they faced overwhelming conspiracies. Yahiko sacrifices himself to save Konan, leading Nagato to lose faith in gods and peace.



The Ambitions of Akatsuki: With Uchiha Madara's manipulation, Akatsuki starts recruiting powerful rogue ninjas, capturing tailed beasts, and accepting bounty missions to control global wars. Among the members, Konan is the most devoted, working tirelessly to earn money for the organization.

The Fall of Akatsuki: After Naruto defeats Nagato, and his hopes are shattered, Akatsuki dissolves. However, it may find new life in another world. The massive wealth accumulated by Akatsuki over the years is left behind, leaving people wondering what happened to it.

The Price of Power: Upon hearing the detonation of six trillion exploding tags, the truth becomes clear. Though their efforts were in vain and they met tragic ends, Uchiha Madara paid a heavy price. Akatsuki, born in darkness, ultimately returns to darkness.