Diljit Dosanjh Once Tried Approaching Gal Gadot For A Dinner Plan Ditching His Longtime Crush Kylie Jenner & Internet Called Him The Ultimate Simp!


Diljit Dosanjh is the best thing on the Internet if you want to subscribe for free feel-good content. The actor-singer over the past few years has become a go-to account on Instagram for funny quirks and fun posts. There was a time when like any next-door boy he was openly crushing on celebs and was even trying to approach them. Everyone remembers how obsessed he was with Kim Kardashian’s sister . But it wasn’t long before he changed his focus and soon he was onto Wonder Woman Gal Gadot.

For the unversed, back in 2018-19, Diljit was super active on Instagram and a self-proclaimed lover of Kylie Jenner who would crush over all her posts and stories.


He even made a point to comment on all her posts with the cheesiest lines ever. The obsession drove to an extent that he ended up asking about Jenner’s whereabouts on Kim Kardashian’s live Instagram stream. But soon entered Gal Gadot and things swiftly changed.

In 2019, Diljit Dosanjh discovered fame Gal Gadot and found her supremely beautiful. He started the same with Gadot and started commenting on her photos and of course the cheese. One such time when he came across an adorable picture of the actor cooking he decided to plan a dinner date with her and even told her to make Gobi Ke Parathe.


He wrote, “Acha Gal Sunn… Aj Gobi wale Paranthe Bana Li… Daee Mai Fadh Ley Aunga..”

The comment went so viral that the internet was quick to remind Diljit Dosanjh about his crush on Kylie Jenner and crowned him as the ultimate Simp. This didn’t stop, Dosanjh continued to comment on Gal Gadot’s pictures.

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