Naruto: The strongest blood inheritance ability of each of the five ninja villages


Hidden Leaf Village: Wood Release The Hidden Leaf Village is home to many powerful clans, such as the Senju Clan, Uchiha Clan, and Hyuga Clan. It possesses rare bloodline abilities like the Sharingan and Byakugan. The Wood Release, held by the First Hokage, is considered the strongest bloodline limit in the village. 

Hidden Rock Village: Dust Release The Hidden Rock Village is known for its Dust Release bloodline ability, which combines earth, wind, and fire elements. It can break down opponents into atomic states within a barrier. 

Hidden Mist Village: Boil Release The Hidden Mist Village is constantly shrouded in thick mist.


The Fourth Mizukage possesses two powerful bloodline abilities, Boil Release and Melting Release. Boil Release allows the user to spray corrosive acid mist. 

Hidden Cloud Village: Lightning Release Chakra Mode The Hidden Cloud Village is known for its martial arts. By activating Lightning Release chakra throughout their body, the Yotsuki Clan can achieve Lightning Release Chakra Mode, greatly enhancing their speed. 

Hidden Sand Village: Magnet Release The Hidden Sand Village is located in a harsh desert. The Third and Fourth Kazekage possess the Magnet Release bloodline limit. It grants them control over iron sand and gold dust, respectively.