Military Son Pulls Off Homecoming Surprise For Family With Help From Cops


Nothing can surprise a parent more than when they are reunited with their child who has been away from them for some time.

A heartwarming video of shocked parents stunned when they are pulled over by the police as their military son hops out of the cop car is going viral on the internet.

The son surprised them on return home from an 11-month deployment in the Middle East.

Nancy and Richard Stahl were in for a surprise when their son Kenneth, 20, was about to return home on August 1 in Fairmont, West Virginia.

Kenneth is a private in the national guard and had been deployed across the Middle East including Iraq, Syria, and Kuwait.


He has been accepted into Fairmont State University, and was able to return early but planned to surprise them in an unusual way.

A friend of Kenneth’s captured the moment on his camera when a Fairmont Police car pulled his mom and dad over as they drove down a country road.

Nancy, 44, was taken aback when she thought she was pulled up for a speeding stop, but officers told them the vehicle had been tied to a drug transaction, which meant the family had to exit their vehicle.

As Nancy and Richard, 43, got out of the car, Kenneth timed his exit from the police vehicle at exactly the same time, catching his mother’s eye.

Nancy was seen jumping and shouting “OH MY GOD” running towards her son, who embraced both Nancy and his father.

Kenneth’s brother, Richard, who was in on the surprise, was in the car with his parents as well.