Naruto Organizational Strength TOP4


NO.4: Seven Swordsmen of the Mist The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist is a group of highly skilled ninjas who wield seven famous swords. They were originally formed in the Water Country but due to poor management, most members became rogue ninjas. They are ranked last in terms of strength due to their small numbers.

NO.3: Root of Konoha Root is a secret organization led by Danzo Shimura. It represents the dark side of Konoha and has conducted questionable actions for the stability of the village. Sai was a former member of Root.

NO.2: Konoha Anbu Anbu is a special force under the control of the Hokage.


Elite ninjas like Kakashi Hatake, Itachi Uchiha, and Yamato were all former members. Due to their exceptional skills and large numbers, they rank second on the list.

NO.1: Akatsuki Akatsuki is considered the strongest organization. Although they have a small number of members, each possesses S-class or even higher-level powers. Akatsuki was defeated due to their members operating individually. If all ten members were to mobilize simultaneously, only Naruto Uzumaki and Kaguya Otsutsuki could match them.