Naruto: Create the Ninja Technique! He is the real crane tail


1. Crane Tail is often associated with Naruto, but the true genius lies in Itachi, another Crane Tail who possessed the power to destroy or save the world through the Nine-Tailed Fox and the Sharingan. However, there is an unnoticed Crane Tail who has recently given himself a name. 

2. The Unnoticed Boy: This skinny boy was always in Naruto's shadow. He quietly accompanied Naruto, never drawing attention to himself. Despite playing a supporting role, he has saved Naruto and Sakura countless times. Now, as a high-ranking ninja with his students, he embraces his role as the true Crane Tail. 

3. The Nameless Hero: While Naruto laughs and rolls about, this boy remains serious, fulfilling his duties responsibly.


He lacks the charisma of Naruto and rarely smiles. When their team is rejected by a director for a promotional film, deeming them too wooden, he angrily leaves with his students. 

4. The Unappreciated Power: Unable to find real ninjas, the director decides to use explosive tags for a cool effect. However, the tags only produce a small puff of smoke. Unaware of the crumbling building, they enter, only to be saved by the boy and his students. 

5. The Blossoming Hero: The boy, once unnoticed and with a runny nose, now exudes his beauty with a unique translucent jutsu. He has become a true hero. Do you remember his name now?