What did the reincarnated person say when the reincarnation in the filthy earth was lifted?


Witness the Future of the Ninja Alliance and Tell Me: The 2nd Tsuchikage, controlled by Kabuto, summoned Madara Uchiha and urged the ninja of the Allied Shinobi Forces to let Onoki see the future of the Ninja Alliance. 

Art Never Dies: Deidara, a dedicated artist, faked exploding after being released from Edo Tensei, demonstrating his passion for art. Your Deaths Should Not Be Meaningless, You Have a Future: Pakura expressed relief and disdain for Edo Tensei when her soul was freed, but left a message for her student, Maru, emphasizing the importance of their futures. 

I Entrust Puppet Mastery to You, This Is My Last Time Playing Dead: Chiyo revived Gaara and entrusted the future of puppet masters to Kankuro, revealing her last performance.



No Matter What You Become, I Will Forever Love You: Itachi played a crucial role in defeating Kabuto and expressed his eternal love for Sasuke, showing his brotherly affection. 

I'll Be Waiting Over There, But Don't Come Too Soon, as You Are My Dream: Kakuzu helped Tsunade restore her chakra and entrusted his dream to her before departing. 

Inform the Curse Users That Forbidden Jutsu Should Not Be Abused, Release the Edo Tensei!: Madara, using Infinite Chakra, fought the Five Kage and became the first ninja to defeat Edo Tensei, stressing the dangers of the technique.