Naruto: Why is Kakashi’s father’s ninja uniform the most unique?


Shōma's Potential: On his ninja outfit, there is a red-haired fabric block on his left side, resembling the Hokage cloak. It is evident that Shōma has the potential to become the next Hokage, and both in Konoha and the battlefield, his abilities are widely recognized.

A Difficult Choice: During a mission, Shōma faces the most challenging decision as a ninja. While a mission's completion should be the top priority, he chooses to prioritize friendship over the mission. Upon returning to Konoha, he faces the scorn of everyone, being perceived as a useless ninja.

Shōma's Sacrifice: Under immense pressure, Shōma contemplates suicide, which greatly affects Kakashi's ninja ideology. Fortunately, Itachi's timely intervention brings Kakashi back from the edge. Using Shōma's death as a lesson, Itachi uses Kakashi's voice to teach Naruto what true ninja values are.