Counting the five most visually stunning ninjutsu in "Naruto"


1. Kirin: Sasuke Uchiha developed the powerful Lightning Release ninjutsu named Kirin. By heating the surrounding air using Fire Release, he creates cumulonimbus clouds that generate lightning. Shaped into the form of a Kirin, the lightning is directed at the enemy using the Chidori, delivering a devastating visual impact.

2. Susanoo: Susanoo is a unique ninjutsu of the Uchiha clan that can only be unlocked with the Mangekyou Sharingan. Users can materialize their chakra into a gigantic chakra humanoid that surrounds them. Susanoo exhibits different forms and stages of growth, making it stunning.


3. Buddha on the Top: Hashirama Senju's ultimate move in Sage Mode. He transforms into an enormous Buddha statue for offense and defense. The statue is tens of times larger than the Nine-Tails, comparable to the Ten-Tails, and shattered Uchiha Madara's Susano'o with ease.

4. Six Trillion Explosive Tags: Konan from Akatsuki disguised six trillion explosive tags as an ocean. Detonating them created an overwhelming impact, but it failed to kill Tobi. Konan died in the battle.

5. Heavenly Obstruction Star: Madara Uchiha's jutsu summons a massive meteorite to descend vertically from the sky. The fragments alone can wipe out an entire army. Its terrifying power is visually impactful, coming from afar to close.