In addition to Wood Release, Naruto's right hand has another secret


1. The consequences of a fated battle resulted in lost arms: Naruto and Sasuke, engaged in the Great Ninja War, lost an arm during their final battle.

2. Naruto's transformation after receiving Hashirama's cells: Naruto gains Wood Release, the strongest form of Earth Release ninjutsu, after receiving a new arm made from Hashirama's cells.

3. The power of Wood Release and its association with Hashirama: Those with Hashirama's cells possess Wood Release, including Uchiha Madara who caused significant trouble during the war.

4. The hidden face of the first Hokage beneath Naruto's bandage: Similar to Danzo's arm and Uchiha Madara's chest, Naruto's bandaged hand may also hide the first Hokage's face.


5. The reasons Naruto conceals the secret and refrains from using his powers: Naruto hides the first Hokage's face to maintain his image as the Hokage of the Leaf Village. He also avoids the potential harm caused by unleashing the immense power of Hashirama's cells and the Chakra of the Sage of the Six Paths.