5 people in Hokage who dare to challenge the rampaging tailed beast Naruto


1. Naruto's Control: Naruto is the only ninja to successfully control his rampage. To gain the power of the Nine-Tails, Naruto released the seal in his body and followed the Eight-Tails' instructions. However, he was attacked by the Nine-Tails in return. Luckily, Minato's spirit appeared and aided Naruto's success.

2. Gaara's Defeat: Gaara used the power of the One-Tailed Shukaku to defeat Naruto, who had absorbed a small amount of Nine-Tails' chakra. Naruto summoned Gamabunta, transforming into the Nine-Tails, and together they woke up Gaara and broke the summoning jutsu.

3. Orochimaru's Shattered Defense: When faced with Naruto's Four-Tails mode, Orochimaru's Triple Rashomon was shattered.


Despite being hit by Orochimaru's Grass Longsword, Naruto remained unharmed. Without Sakura and others' intervention, Orochimaru would have been no match for Naruto.

4. Jiraiya's Sacrifice: Jiraiya faced the rampaging Four-Tails Naruto while teaching him control over the Nine-Tails' power. Naruto lost control and went on a rampage. In a critical moment, Jiraiya sealed the Nine-Tails' power despite being heavily injured. If Naruto had no consciousness, Jiraiya would likely have perished.

5. Nagato's Defeat: Nagato triggered Naruto's rampage with an attack on Hinata. His famous attacks, Chibaku Tensei and Shinra Tensei became ineffective. If Naruto continued his rampage, Nagato would have been killed.