BREAKING NEWS: Mariska Hargitay's Fans Urge Her to Stay Safe as She Shares New Photo!!!!


Mariska Hargitay's latest snap shared on Instagram gave some of her fans a bit of pause as they called for her to remain safe in light of worsening climate conditions.

The actress, 59, posted a new photo of a darkened sky, lined with silhouettes of several palm trees, presumably around her home in California.

The brown and almost completely dark sky seemed to foreshadow the incoming rain, as weather alerts have gone out in Southern California for heavy rainfall.

Several forecasters have warned that the downpour in desert areas of the region could lead to "catastrophic" flooding, a stark contrast to the damage caused by wildfires in another American state, Hawaii.


The effects of the incoming storms are being attributed to Hurricane Hilary. While the threat level has since downgraded to a Category 1, California has still declared a state of emergency as flooding could pose a danger.

Mariska's fans and followers quickly flocked to her comments section to encourage her to remain safe as well, with one writing: "Is this storm clouds over Los Angeles? I pray for safety with this impending cyclone."

"Stay safe wherever you are," another wrote, while a third added: "M, are you in California?? Please be careful with the hurricane, if you are.


Be safe, hopefully you are back home," and a fourth wrote: "Stormy weather, stay safe!"

Mariska is a California girl through and through, a native of Santa Monica. She married husband Peter Hermann in Santa Barbara as well, although they mostly now live in New York City, where she usually films Law & Order: SVU.

She provided a small glimpse of her California living when during her visit when she previously shared photographs from their night at Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour earlier in the month, including themed merch, pictures with her daughter Amaya, and a slew of friendship bracelets.


Mariska and Peter, who have been married since 2004, are parents to August, 17, and Amaya and Andrew, both 12, and raise them away from the spotlight.

In an interview with Drew Barrymore in early 2022, the talk show host gushed about the longtime TV star's meticulously kept and organized home, relating an earlier story about ending up in Mariska's home while she was at the hospital nursing an injury.

"I went through your whole house, not in a creepy way, because I'm such a homemaker," Drew told Mariska. "And I have to say, your home is probably one of my favorite homes I've ever been in in my whole life.

"It is the most magical, charming…nooks, vibes, areas, decor, cozy, I've also seen things in your house I haven't seen anywhere else."