Honeoye soldier returns home, surprises kids


Honeoye, N.Y. -- His only birthday wish was for his father to come home. Tuesday, that wish came true for an 8-year-old boy in Honeoye when his father returned home from training for the U.S. Army.

8-year-old Brayden Butler is the proud son of a soldier.

"It can carry up to 11 soldiers, it can pick up 9,000 pounds,” Brayden told his classmates, describing an army helicopter.

He gave a presentation to his third grade class at Honeoye Central School about his dad's job in the Army. What Brayden didn't know was dad was home and just outside his classroom door.

"It makes me proud. I'm very proud to wear this uniform and to share that with my son and let him know what I do, how I serve our country,” said Michael Butler, before surprising his son.


Mom helped orchestrate the surprise.

"His only birthday wish was to have his dad come home from the military. He's been gone for about 9 months now in Texas,” said Brayden's mother Shanna Butler.

As Brayden wrapped up, dad walked in!

“I thought he was gone,” said Brayden.

The surprises weren't over. We walked down the hallway to find Brayden’s 6-year-old sister Addison.

"My kid's just think the world of their dad and every time they see him whether it's two days or two weeks or two months, it is like the best moment for them,” said Shanna Butler.

Brayden says now that his dad’s home he can’t wait to play Legos with him.