9 Ninjas That Even the First Hokage Couldn't Fight


1. Naruto and Sasuke's enhanced power: Naruto and Sasuke now possess the power of the Six Paths, greatly increasing their strength. Sasuke also has the Rinnegan, creating a new form of the Six Paths. This makes them unbeatable against the First Hokage. 

2. Madara's power with the Six Paths: With the power of the Six Paths, Madara is as strong as Obito, and only second to Kaguya. He easily defends against attacks from the Five Kage after obtaining the power of the Tailed Beasts. 

3. Ashura and Indra's bloodline: Ashura and Indra, the sons of the Six Paths, have inherited the Six Paths bloodline. The First Hokage, being a reincarnation of Ashura, cannot match his ancestor's power.



4. The superior power of the Six Paths and Kaguya: The Six Paths and Kaguya are the ancestors of the ninja world, surpassing Hashirama's power. Despite his title as the "God of Shinobi", Hashirama cannot defeat the world's creator. 

5. Mito Uzumaki's charm over Hashirama: Mito, the wife of the First Hokage, lacks the power of the Six Paths like her predecessors. Nonetheless, she captivated Hashirama and earned his respect. Hashirama wouldn't dare to fight her, as he would lose.