Naruto: five pure taijutsu ninjas


1. Gai Maito: Gai Maito founded the Eight Gates and trained for nearly 20 years to master this physical-based ninja skill. Despite lacking natural talent and facing ridicule and no mentor or support, he persevered and became a respected genin. He believed that effort was valuable and dedicated himself to rigorous training. Gai's greatest achievement was single-handedly defeating three members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen to protect his son, but it cost him his life.

2. Rock Lee: Rock Lee followed in his father Gai Maito's footsteps and trained in the Eight Gates. While he failed his exams, he graduated through an exception made by the Third Hokage.


Known as the "Green Beast," Rock Lee was highly regarded for his physical combat skills and gained recognition from influential ninjas like Kisame and Itachi Uchiha.

3. Might Guy: Like Rock Lee, Might Guy focused on taijutsu and faced discrimination and bullying. He dedicated himself to mastering taijutsu and developed the powerful technique called the Seven Heavenly Breaths. In his battle against Rock Lee, Might Guy utilized this technique to enhance his attack power and compete with Lee.

4. Chen Sensei: Chen Sensei, the creator of the Leaf Dragon Style, was highly respected by Rock Lee and considered a living legend. Although he retired due to guilt over losing a student in the Third Ninja World War, his abilities were greatly admired.

5. Lee: Despite lacking natural talent, Lee was trained by Gai Maito and excelled in taijutsu, surpassing Gaara's defense.