Naruto: 6 of the rarest chakra modes


1. Thunder Chakra Mode: Yunyin Village's ancestral battle mode, increasing speed and defense. Third Raikage used it against Eight-Tails.

2. Tailed Beast Chakra Mode: Jinchuriki gains the tailed beast's power, entering the early, middle, or late stage, gaining super strength.

3. Susano Chakra Mode: Mangekyo Sharingan's special chakra mode. Combines attack and defense, capable of destroying heaven and earth. Naruto fights Sasuke using this mode.

4. Natural Chakra Mode: Absorbs natural energy, becoming powerful in sage mode. Forms vary in the five Immortal Holy Lands.

5. Death Gate Chakra Mode: Eight Gate Dunjia's most powerful physical technique. Activating the Death Gate Formation enhances power. Emperor Kai surpasses the Five Shadows using this mode.

6. Tsansigan Chakra Mode: Activated after obtaining Tsansigan. Body covered in green chakra with great power. Toneri acquires this mode in The Last.