Soldier Seeks Donations to Help Bring Home Puppy She Rescued While Stationed Overseas!

An American soldier named Sergeant Char is seeking donations to bring home a puppy she rescued while stationed overseas. The non-profit organization, Paws of War, is assisting in collecting donations for the cause. Sergeant Char discovered the puppy, named PupPup, when she noticed a stray dog hanging around her army base. After the dog gave birth, the soldiers moved her and the puppies to a safer location.

Sergeant Char felt an immediate connection with PupPup, who was more timid than the other puppies. She dedicated herself to caring for and nurturing the pup, ultimately deciding to adopt her. However, now that Sergeant Char is being deployed back to the United States, she cannot bear the thought of leaving PupPup behind. She fears the dangerous environment for stray animals in the area and worries about PupPup's well-being.

Paws of War confirms that only Sergeant Char can interact with PupPup, making it all the more crucial for her to bring the puppy home. The non-profit organization not only facilitates the return of animals to the U.S. but also rescues and trains dogs to become therapy animals for veterans. Last year, Paws of War assisted another soldier, Sergeant Etter, in bringing back two rescued kittens from the Middle East. Donations can be made to help Sergeant Char bring PupPup to America through the link provided by Paws of War.

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