Naruto: The 4 people the Akatsuki organization needs !


1. Kushina Uzumaki: Skilled in sealing techniques, Kushina possesses strong chakra due to her Uzumaki lineage. Her most notable technique, Adamantine Sealing Chains, can quickly subdue tailed beasts. She successfully sealed the Nine-Tails during an attack on Konoha.

2. Fugaku Uchiha: Fugaku's power is immeasurable. He voluntarily activated his Mangekyou Sharingan during the Third Great Ninja War, surpassing Itachi's abilities. His impressive power would easily help the Akatsuki obtain tailed beasts.

3. Third Raikage: The Third Raikage's loyalty and sacrifice are unmatched. He fought enemies alone to protect his teammates, ultimately losing his life due to exhaustion.


His addition to the Akatsuki would greatly speed up the tailed beast collection.

4. Monk Hozuki: Despite his unconventional methods, Monk Hozuki's skills with his Biwa instrument prove formidable. He successfully separated a Jinchuriki from their tailed beast and defeated two tailed beasts in the Chunin exams. His unique abilities, like the Senjutsu Absorption Barrier, would greatly aid the Akatsuki's mission.