Why, as the youngest daughter, Hanabi was not cursed?


1. Hyuga clan's rule: The Hyuga clan, known for its strength, has the "Caged Bird" seal, which restricts the abilities of the Byakugan from being passed on to other villages during the war.

2. Neji's dissatisfaction: Neji, having the seal on his forehead, voiced his dissatisfaction with its malicious power, as the clan leader can control it, even deciding the life and death of branch family members.

3. Hanabi's exception: Hanabi, Hinata's sister and the clan leader's daughter, did not receive the seal, even though she was the rightful heir. Her father, believing she was more talented than Hinata, chose not to give her the seal.


4. Training shift: This decision led to Hinata being abandoned by her father, and his focus on Hanabi's training.

5. Neji's influence: Neji, who suffered from the seal, was Hiashi's nephew. After Neji's death, Hiashi started to question the seal and eventually abolished it.

6. Concerns and consequences: While the removal of the seal was celebrated by some branch members, others worried about coveting the Hyuga clan's power and the consequences of the decision.

7. Uncertainty: The ultimate impact of removing the seal on the Hyuga clan's abilities is still unknown. Whether this change is positive or negative for the clan remains to be seen.