The 6 cutest psychic beasts in the ninja world


1. Paak: Paak is one of Kakashi's summoning animals, showing his love for dogs. Paak has a keen sense of smell but becomes less prominent as more sensory-type ninjas emerge.

2. Ton-ton: Ton-ton is Shizune's pet and Tsunade's only companion during her absence. Ton-ton is cute and has a sensitive sense of smell. Tsunade almost mistook Ton-ton for food when she woke up from a coma.

3. Gamakichi: Gamakichi is Naruto's first partner and his control over chakra was not sufficient at that time. In the Great Ninja War, Gamakichi becomes a powerful creature similar to his father, Gamabunta.

4. Kamizuru: Kamizuru is Temari's summoning animal and enhances her wind-release jutsu. It overwhelms opponents but gradually stops appearing as the story progresses.


5. Kyuubi: Kyuubi is a fearsome-tailed beast but can also be summoned. It has a cute appearance when young, shedding heartwarming tears.

6. Gamatatsu: Gamatatsu is the cutest summoning animal and was summoned by Naruto. However, it lost the chance to appear again after almost causing Hinata's death by accident.