Johnny Depp Saying He Chooses ‘Potentially Disastrous’ Scripts Over The Formulaic Ones Resurfaces As His Pirates Of The Caribbean Return Rumours Go Viral: “I Prefer When The Studios Are Scared”

Whether you like the controversies around him or not, Johnny Depp is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood at this moment than he ever was. The superstar who once dominated the Box Office with his Billion dollar franchise (Pirates Of The Caribbean), and had some very lucrative movies in his kitty is today standing in front of his fans with no future project in sight. Today we take you back in time when he has said how he chooses his script and you cannot agree more.

Depp has been surrounded with controversies for the past couple of years. The star was involved in a legal battle, first with a popular British tabloid and then his former wife Amber Heard over a defamation lawsuit. In the course of the court proceedings, when he lost the first trial, studios didn't want to have any ties with him and both Warner Bros and Disney fired him from their respective franchises.

Now as the rumours say that Disney is considering bringing Johnny Depp back as Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean, a old quote by Johnny has resurfaced on the internet. The actor is talking about his criteria to choose scripts and at a point, he says, ones that scare the studios are his gigs. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

As per a Fandom Wire report, in 2019, on Zurich Film Festival Podcast, while talking about his choice of roles, Johnny Depp said, "You wanna be surprised by something. You look for something that's not necessarily based on something that's all-together, formulaic. You look for a character that someone has painstakingly written and offered you to play."

Johnny Depp added, "If I don't try something that could be potentially disastrous, then I feel like I'm not doing enough of the work… I prefer it when the studios are scared."

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