Meet Mariska Hargitay's Only Biological Son Who Is a Spitting Image of His Famous Mother

Mariska Hargitay is famous for playing "Olivia Benson," a New York Police Department detective, on the "NBC" drama series "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit." As devoted as she is on-screen as a police officer, she is more so as a mother. Jeremy Renner Makes First Red Carpet Appearance Since Snow Plow AccidentKeep WatchiHargitay is the mother to 12-year-old August Hermann. The actress gave birth to him via C-section, and the surgical procedure left her sterile. This could have dampened her joy, but the award-winning actress chose to count her blessings instead.

August will turn 13 this June, and it seems the universe favored the "Golden Globe" winner, as he is a mirror image of her. The youngster who is her mini-version shares her brunette hair, jutting forehead, eyes, and beautiful smile.

Joyful Heart Foundation Founder and President Mariska Hargitay, August Hermann, and actor Peter Hermann attend The Joyful Revolution Gala | Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesThere is nothing about his facial look that sways in the direction of his father, Peter Hermann, but between the little man and his parents is a strong bond; it shows every time they are on the red carpet or an outing together.

This bond extends to August's siblings; he is the biological child but not the only child of the couple. Hargitay and her husband wanted more children, and in 2011, decided to increase their family of three to five.

They chose not to follow the surrogate route, opting instead for adoption. The 55-year-old and Peter adopted an African-American female child, whom they named Amaya Josephine, and months later, a male child, Andrew Nicholas. In 2015, a photo of the family got posted on Instagram with the caption "Family."

Family means a lot to Hargitay after losing her mother, Jayne Mansfield at a young age. Mansfield was a Hollywood heartthrob between 1950 to 1960, but an unfortunate car accident in '67 ended her life at the age of 34.

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