Amazing! Elementary School Teacher Is Stunned To See Her Military Mom In Her Classroom!


Military reunion videos always have that surprise element in them, followed by a burst of emotions that can melt the hardest of hearts. Now one first-grade teacher gets the shock of her life after a surprise visit from her military mom and the whole class is left gasping.

The video shows the Elementary school teacher looking straight at a woman clad in a military uniform entering the classroom and immediately drops her mask to be sure who it is.

Samantha Norris wasn't expecting her mom, an Army sergeant home and was shocked to see her in her classroom.


The jaw-dropping surprise was too much for her as she is in complete shock.

Her students were quick to realize what was going on and many were heard saying "It's her mom," as the mother and daughter embraced in the video.

Samantha said that she still can't believe what happened, "She is always one for surprises but this one I was not expecting at all," she said.

Samantha's mom entered the classroom after a year-long deployment in Iraq, we are grateful to these two women, one is educating the future of America, and the other is protecting all of us.