Vampire Diaries fans think Nina Dobrev deserved an Emmy after her scenes go viral


Scenes from The Vampire Diaries are going viral and people are saying that Nina Dobrev deserved an Emmy for her acting.

Anyone who's watched The Vampire Diaries can tell you that Nina Dobrev is an incredible actress. Ever since the teen drama debuted in 2009, viewers have been captivated by Nina's performance in the show. Not only does she play Elena perfectly but she also takes on the roles of Elena's evil doppelgänger Katherine and the world's first immortal woman Amara.

Now, Nina's acting is being praised all over again with people saying that she was the best actor on any CW show ever.

Over the past few days, multiple scenes from The Vampire Diaries have gone viral on Twitter with fans saying that Nina never got enough credit for how good she was in the show.


At the time, Nina received Teen Choice Awards and People's Choice Awards but she never got any Emmy recognition for her portrayals of Elena, Katherine and Amara respectively.

One fan tweeted: "everyone makes fun of cw acting but nina dobrev in the vampire diaries was giving acting masterclasses like the way you knew instantly by her performance when she was playing katherine,elena, no humanity elena, katherine pretending to be elena, elena pretending to be katherine..." The tweet has been like 75,000 times.

Another wrote: "nina dobrev acting in vampire diaries is actually insane bc how can you be so annoying as elena and so good as katherine pierce."

Someone also suggested that she deserves a "legacy Emmy" for her performance.

As it stands, Nina is yet to acknowledge all the love but we'll update you if she does.

In the meantime, Emmy's, what's good?