Naruto: Why doesn't Hinata put the forehead protector on her head?


1.  Hinata's hairstyle has changed significantly, but her forehead protector remains constant. This raises the question of what she would look like with it on her head.

2. Affecting Combat Abilities: Hinata's clan specializes in close combat, but wearing the protector on her head would make it vulnerable to being knocked off. Losing it is disgraceful for a ninja.

3. Symbolism and Value: The headband holds significant meaning. Itachi Uchiha marked a slash on his protector to signify pain and regret, while Neji's loss of his marked his death.

4. Neck Protection: The forehead protector is indestructible and wearing it around the neck could protect against sneak attacks on the neck.

5. Oversized Head: Hinata's childhood depiction shows her with an oversized head. Imagining her with the forehead protector on her head accentuates this feature, creating an unattractive image.