The most “special” couple in Naruto


1. Sasuke and Sakura Tragedy: Sasuke, a member of the Uchiha clan, was forced to kill Sakura and ultimately took his own life. Their love could not withstand the challenges they faced.

2. Kaguya and Tenji Betrayal: Kaguya, deceived by Tenji, was eventually betrayed by him due to fear of her power. The betrayal led to Tenji's demise.

3. Kakashi and Rin's Tragic Love: Rin had feelings for Kakashi, not Obito, but Kakashi was forced to kill Rin himself. This event pushed Obito towards darkness.

4. Tenten and Rock Lee's Perseverance: Despite limited screen time, their determination and resilience made them memorable characters who continued their lives in the sequel.


5. Orochimaru and Kushina's Contrasting Pair: Fans believed they would make a great couple due to their opposing personalities, but they ended up as enemies.

6. Naruto and Hinata's Awaited Love: Naruto and Hinata's relationship faced obstacles, such as Toneri's attempts to separate them, but they eventually ended up together after waiting for each other for 15 years.