Five Uzumaki clan members who appeared in Naruto


1. Kushina Uzumaki's Subduing Power: Kushina, the First Hokage's wife and the initial Nine-Tails jinchuriki, possessed the ability to control the Nine-Tails without resorting to rage or mayhem. Unlike Madara's genjutsu manipulation, she could command the Nine-Tails through her power, enforcing obedience.

2. Karin Uzumaki's Defiant Power: By skillfully neutralizing the Nine-Tails with a single move during Naruto's birth, Karin, the Fourth Hokage's wife and second Nine-Tails jinchuriki, showcased her astounding strength.

3. The Uzumaki Clan's Unique Suppression Ability: Setting themselves apart from other jinchuriki clans that require external seals to control their tailed beasts, the Uzumaki clan possesses an innate capability to subdue the Nine-Tails independently.


This natural power instills fear in others.

4. Nagato Uzumaki's Overwhelming Strength: Renowned as the Akatsuki leader, Nagato's power went beyond his possession of the Rinnegan. His chakra surpassed even Naruto's, exemplified by annihilating Konoha with a single Shinra Tensei. Additionally, he nearly sealed the rampant Naruto using Chibaku Tensei before depleting his chakra.

5. Karin Uzumaki's Vital Role: Karin played a pivotal support role, repeatedly saving Sasuke with her medical expertise and extraordinary sensory perception. Her contributions made her an invaluable member of the Uzumaki clan. The Uzumaki Clan's surviving members unleashed their terrifying powers throughout the Naruto series, making them feared adversaries. Their demise prevented the Uchiha and Senju from facing great difficulty and rendered the Akatsuki's plans unattainable.