Naruto: A villain who does many evil things but is not disgusting


1.   Masashi Kawaki: Kawaki, a member of Sunagakure and Naruto's mentor, plans an attack on Konoha but is thwarted by Naruto. 

2. Kimimaro: Kimimaro, known for his exceptional skills, deeply cares for his brother and sacrifices himself to save him. 

3. Ao: Ao intervenes during an attack on Yahiko and sacrifices himself for the greater good after realizing the truth. 

4. Ibiki: Ibiki saves Itachi from being killed by Yagura and has a complicated relationship with him.

5. Rin'yū: The only female member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, Rin'yū battles Ohmoi during the Fourth Great Ninja War, revealing the hidden side of ninjas.

6. Zabuza: Esteemed assassin Zabuza dies at Naruto's hands but is acknowledged by Kakashi, showing depth and emotions. 

7. Haku: Haku challenges gender stereotypes and leaves a lasting impact with his love and sacrifice for Zabuza.